Lions River Fire Protection Association

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In terms of the National Veld and Forest Fire Act 101 of 1998 the duties and responsibilities of the LRFPA are as follows;


  • Develop and apply a veldfire management strategy for its area of operation;
  • Provide in the above strategy, agreed mechanisms for the co-ordination of actions with adjoining Fire Protection Associations, as well as Local and District Disaster Management Centres, in the event of a fire crossing boundaries and or impacting communities;
  • Make Rules and Regulations which bind its members and landowners within the area of operation;
  • Identify the ecological conditions that affect the fire danger within the area of operation;
  • Regularly communicate the fire danger rating referred to in sections 9 and 10, as well as other relevant fire & weather information to its members;
  • Facilitate and guide the training requirements of its members in fire management - protection, prevention & suppression;
  • Inform its members of equipment and technology available for preventing, detecting and fighting veldfires;
  • Provide fire management co-ordination services within the area of operation;
  • Furnish any information requested by the Minister (DAFF) in order to prepare or maintain the fire danger rating system;
  • Provide the Minister with an Annual Report in respect of fire incidents and other FPA administrative information;
  • Exercise the powers and perform the duties delegated to it by the Minister in accordance with the National Veld & Forest Fire Act.

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