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Any landowner falling within the area of operations of the Lions River Fire Protection Association may at any time become a member by completing the necessary application forms and paying the relevant annual subscription fee. Every Municipality and or State landowner, including land held by the Ingonyama Trust Board, MUST become a member of the Lions River FPA in terms of the National Veld & Forest Fire Act 101, 1998.

Member details
The onus is members to ensure their details are up to date at all times. Any change of address or telephone number or increase in land ownership or change in ownership MUST be communicated to the Secretary within 30 days of such change - failure to provide correct information could result in incorrect information being maintained on the FPA member register, which could impact your membership.



Membership to the Lions River FPA requires the following;

  • paying fees by due date, failure to do so will result in suspension of membership
  • the payment of any charges set by the Association
  • abiding by Constitution and the Rules and Regulations of the Association, as well as the National Veld & Forest Fire Act 101, 1998, all of which are binding on a member;


  • in order to derive all benefits of membership to a FPA, and more importantly to derive the legal benefit in respect of the Presumption of Negligence clause.

Termination of Membership - Payment of fees etc.
Membership is automatically terminated should a member NOT pay membership fees, charges, and interest within 60 days of the invoice date.

If a member terminates membership, he or she forfeits all fees and charges already paid to the Association. Should any member wish to re-apply to the Association in terms of lapsed membership, all outstanding fees will need to be paid inclusive of the current year fees.  Membership fees are not prorated during the financial year, either on termination of, or on application for, membership

Rights of the Association
The Lions River FPA and its Executive Committee may terminate membership of any member who fails to comply with the Rules and Regulations within a reasonable time period or is non-compliant with the National Veld & Forest Fire Act 101, 1998 at any point in time.

Should a dispute arise with regard to a membership being terminated, the Executive Committee will deliberate on the matter and their decision will be considered final.

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